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Androgenetic Alopecia: AutoEvaluation Test

Consider this test for information only. If the result is not encouraging, take a look to the treatments because -almost- in any situation you can recover your hair.

A successful treatment does not means that you are going to have your hair as in your adolescence but that your actual condition will improve.

This test is not valid if the reason of your hair loss is a side effects of a medication, antidepresives or a recent surgical intervention. If this is your case, take a look in types of Alopecia.

Answer the following questions and check the result at the end of this page:

Which of this pictures show your actual Alopecia state?

Soft Soft Medium Advanced Very Advanced
(Click with your mouse on the image that it's more similar to your situacion)

How old are you?

At which age your hair loss started?

Is/Was your father bold?

Is/Was your paternal grandfather bold?

Is/Was your maternal grandfather bold?

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                            You have loads of chances to recover your hair. The best to do is to consult with a professional who will indicate you which treatments are good for you.
                            You are still on time to recovery your hair. If you didn't started any treatments yet, you shold consult with a professional as soon as possible. Do not miss time.
                            I don't think any lotion or drug can help you on this stage. It is a little late to start with one of those treatments. You should consult with your doctor. I suggest you to take a look to the surgical treatments.

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